Ciano Maes is an award winning songwriter, producer and recording artist. His works range from emotive pop, rock and soul to the melancholy and wistful – thoughtfully weaving the fabric that is the human experience.

Ciano attended the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, California studying percussion, theory and composition. As a producer and studio engineer, Ciano has recorded and produced many pop and independent artists including Garry Shider and Cordell “Boogie” Mosson of Parliament and Funkadelic fame.

Whether it be for television, cinema or radio, the music of Ciano Maes is like a wide open road that stretches and winds out beyond your expectations. It’s never fully clear what is on the horizon and that’s what makes Ciano’s music such a wonderful and continuous discovery filled with anticipation and surprise.


“I’m  just someone inspired by moments who found my creative outlet.” Ciano writes music because he loves it. And he shares it with the world because he has something unique and interesting to say. Ciano’s music can be heard in film, television and is also available on iTunes, Bandcamp, YouTube and Soundcloud.


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Baby, I’m your man. Please reach out if you have a project that needs original music.  ciano@cianomaes.com